MARC Magician Professional 2011  v.4.0

MARC Magician automatically corrects dozens of MARC errors, provides a powerful array of time-saving global editing commands, and allows for accurate original cataloging. It is the perfect companion to your existing library automation system.

MARC Report  v.2 37

MARC Report is quality control software for MARC data. It is a librarian's best defense against common coding and cataloging errors in a MARC database.


CSharp MARC  v.rc

C# class structures for reading and manipulating Library of Congress MARC records using the MARC21 standard.

MARC Toolkit for Libraries  v.32

MARC Toolkit for Libraries is a collection of software and sourcecode for working with MARC records.

Marc's SuDoKu  v.1.0

Marc's SuDoKu is a complete SuDoKu program with advanced puzzle creation and solving engine (see http://sourceforge.

MARC/Perl  v.2.0

MARC/Perl (formerly known as MARC.

PHP MARC  v.rc.1.0

PHP module for reading and writing MARC records in both transport (z39.

Piano keyboard keyboard N

MARC-ANDR? HAMELIN piano.Ornsteins early piano works were unlike anything else in music. He employed the piano as a percussion instrument, pounding out savage rhythms and ferocious. PianoFiles. com does not offer sheet music for download. It only offers a

The Rename Program  v.

Back in 1999 Marc needed some software to rename thousands of files, and after spending hours scouring the internet for something suitable, he gave up.

YabEdit 2005  v.4.1.222

RovoScape YabEdit is an free programming editor written by Edward L. Blake designed to work with the YaBasic interpreter created by Marc-Oliver Ihm.

Predator's Picnic  v.

Marc Gregor had spent ten years in the Middle East and Afghanistan fighting for America.

Archon: Archival Information System  v.1

Archon is an award-winning web application used for managing and publishing archival descriptive information and digital archival objects in a user-friendly website and generating corresponding EAD and MARC records.

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